What can I do about a roof with no overhanging eaves?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ January 21, 2013 ~ No Comments

I have an 60+ year old house that has no roof overhangs, so the siding is in really bad shape because water runs down the side of the wall. I think the house originally had gutters but not anymore. A new metal roof was put on about 10 years ago and the old gutters were never replaced. How can I extend the roof eaves so that they overhang 1-2 feet?

Sharon M. - Duluth, MN

Brett Kulina

Sharon, without a gutter system or any roof eaves, I am not surprised that your home's siding is being damaged by rain water that runs off the roof and down the outside of your home's walls. If left unsolved, your problems could get worse once that water finds its way into your basement or crawlspace, or worse yet, into a wall cavity. Without any eaves to help shed rain water away from your home's walls and foundation, you can see why your type of home needs a properly functioning system of gutters and downspouts.

I agree that adding some overhanging eaves to your home's roof could solve your problems, but unfortunately that task is probably easier said than done. Depending on how your home's roof was originally built, you might find that framing an entirely new roof could be easier than simply "adding" on new overhanging eaves. Another issue to keep in mind is your metal roofing, which would most likely need to be replaced with longer sized panels if you were to simply scab on some overhanging eaves.

I think that your two best options are an entirely new roof or a new gutter system. Of course you won't be able to compare the cost of these two options until you have an experienced builder inspect your home's roof and determine if adding eaves is even a realistic option. If you find that a new gutter system is the more cost effective way to go, make sure to install some snow breaks onto your metal roof, which can help prevent snow from sliding off your home's roof and damaging the new gutters.

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