The water in the shower is not as hot as elsewhere in the house.

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 15, 2010 ~ Comments

A bathroom was added to our house in 1998. Even though the water is hot everywhere else the water in this added bathroom shower doesn't seem hot enough. The water from the sinks in this bathroom is fine. What can be done to fix this? I am not a fan of cold showers :)

Glenda ~ Brownwood, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Glenda, Based on your description, it sounds to me like the anti-scald valve in your shower needs to be adjusted. Over the years I have had many homeowners move into their new homes, and immediately say their showers weren't hot enough. Everyone has a different idea of how hot water should be in a house, and most plumbing contractors are very careful that the water doesn't burn anyone.

There are different types of anti-scald valves, so I can't accurately tell you how to adjust yours. If you remove the handle off of the hot faucet, there should be a notched disc inside, that the stem of the faucet goes through. Moving it a notch or two towards hot may take care of your problem, but check the temperature of the water before anyone gets in the shower after the adjustment. Water which is too hot can cause a very bad burn.

The easiest and best course of action might be to have a plumbing contractor take a look at it. As I mentioned, there are different types of these anti-scald valves, and they should know how to adjust it as soon as they see it. The original plumber may give you a good rate, since it has always been like that.

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