Was My Concrete Foundation Poured Correctly?

Answered by Brendan ~ September 19, 2011 ~ No Comments

I am building a home and planned a 9 foot square concrete foundation for the basement. The contractor came and completed the pour, however, when I measured floor to joist it measured at 8'6". The builder said that the slightly smaller measurement is typical for cement pours. Is this true?

Lauren G. ~ Ofallon, Il

Brendan Fowler

I am not totally clear on what your situation is, but I will try to help. Nine foot by nine foot does have some room for interpretation. Is that outside of slab to outside of slab? Or is it the finished inside dimension of the room? You have to be careful when looking at dimensions on a set of plans, some dimensions are for the outside dimensions and some will be inside dimensions. Because you both were going for a 9x9 room there has to be a crystal clear understanding between everyone involved what the final product is meant to be. When something is supposed to be nine feet wide or nine feet tall, that does not mean eight feet six inches or nine feet two inches. Things do not just "get smaller," due to concrete being poured. Check the plans; if the plans call out, nine foot and the room is not built to plan, something was done wrong. In the absence of a set of plans, you will just need to try and figure out a way to communicate what you want so the builder knows what your expectations are.

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