Vinyl Siding Installation Tips

Answered by Jeffrey ~ December 1, 2009 ~ No Comments

My son has recommended vinyl siding for our home. It's a 30-year tract home in a suburb of Seattle. I heard that vinyl siding can leak. Our son says only if the siding is not installed properly. Is it still a good choice for us?

Tara R. ~ Seattle, Washington

Jeffrey Anderson

Installing SidingYou and your son are both correct. Vinyl siding is only a part of the equation in keeping water out of your home. What exists behind the siding is just as important. Your siding contractor should examine the exterior of your home prior to installing any new siding to determine possible trouble spots for water penetration.

Those trouble spots should be addressed prior to installing any vinyl siding. It is important that your windows be sealed properly, and house wrap, if you have it, is also properly installed.

Vinyl siding is a water deterrent and works as a part of the entire exterior sheathing package to keep water from leaking into your home. When vinyl siding is properly installed and caulked, it can be an excellent choice for your home. An experienced vinyl siding contractor should make sure that all potential problems are taken care of prior to installing the siding.

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