What Kind of Vinyl Log Siding Do You Recommend?

Answered by Brett ~ November 15, 2011 ~ Comments

I am currently looking for information and recommendations regarding vinyl log siding. I am looking to have this style of siding installed on my home. I am wondering if you could recommend some manufacturers for vinyl log siding?

Ron R. ~ Tempe, AZ

Brett Kulina

Ron, there are several companies which manufacture vinyl log siding. This type of siding offers the appearance of half-round horizontal log siding, but obviously does not require the annual maintenance and finishing that real logs sometimes do. Most available vinyl log panels are insulated with a solid foam backing, so this type of siding tends to be more durable that traditional vinyl panels. Most manufacturers emboss a raised grain pattern on their vinyl log siding, which can help this synthetic siding product look like the real thing.

KP Building products is a company that offers a pretty realistic looking vinyl log siding panel, plus it is available in four color options. The color is integral to the fade resistant panel, which means the product should weather well without showing scratches or dings. KP Adirondack log siding is an insulated vinyl panel with a half round profile that is installed just line a traditional vinyl siding panel. Although I have never installed this specific product, I am familiar with KP siding products and the company has a good reputation in the siding industry.

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