Venting problems with new Wolf range

Answered by Brendan ~ February 27, 2012 ~ No Comments

We are having a problem with cold outside air coming into our kitchen through the hood vent over our new Wolf oven/cook top. What can we do to eliminate this problem?

Mary ~ Danbury, CT

Brendan Fowler

Unfortunately, this is a very common issue. You can start by checking to see if there is flapper valve that closes off the duct when the fan is not running. If it is stuck open or if there isn't one, you will want to try and fix it. If the flapper appears to function properly, you can try to cover the intake with a removable cover that can be taken off when you need to use the hood. Often times the flapper on vent hoods does not provide a very air tight seal and when a wood burning appliance is being used to heat the house it will draw air in through the kitchen vent hood as well as bathroom vent fans. I have installed motorized flappers into vent ducts that open when the fan is turned on and closes when the fan is turned off. These types of flappers are generally used in HVAC for Zone isolation. They do require an electrical connection and need to be wired into the switch which actuates the fan. Not the cheapest solution in the world but I have had great luck with them in the past. I hope this helped!

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