Using Fences for Front Yard Privacy

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Our split level house has an all-grass front yard 80 feet wide by 35 feet deep. We'd like to make it easy-care, dividing the yard into an enclosed rectangular brick-and-pavers courtyard, with bark or stone and flowering shrubs outside the courtyard. The 4-foot-high, three-sided brick fences will enclose 16 feet-by-36 feet. What should we budget for the brick fences and brick paver work?

Vince S. ~ Parkersburg, West Virginia

Brendan Fowler

Masonry walls 48 inches tall will generally cost between $45 and $80 per lineal foot and pavers are roughly $15 to $29 per square foot, installed. In California any masonry wall over 3 feet tall requires engineering. I am not sure what kind of engineering requirements there are in West Virginia or if there are lot coverage limitations for pavers. The best way to get a price for this project is to prepare a very detailed landscaping and masonry plan and get bids from local masons. Without more detailed information it is difficult for me to provide anything better than ballpark figures. Good Luck!

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