Using adheisives to attach exterior trim

Answered by Brett ~ January 16, 2012 ~ No Comments

I have a stucco house and want to install some wood trim around the door. What's the best way to attach the molding if I don't want to start drilling through the stucco siding?

T.E. ~ San Diego, CA

Brett Kulina

There are plenty of high quality exterior adhesives that can be used to securely attach trim boards to the exterior of your stucco house. The obvious benefit of gluing the trim in place is that you won't need to drill through your home's stucco siding in hopes of hitting an underlying wood member. Keep in mind that there are also several companies that manufacture light weight trims and moldings made from Styrofoam, which are very easy to install using only adhesives.

After you have attached the exterior trim to your house, it is important that you caulk the edges of the trim board so that water does not get between the trim and siding. You should select an exterior grade caulking that is paintable (not all are!) and is compatible with the trim material you have chosen. Once the caulking is dry, then you can paint the trim in place. Good luck with your project!

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