Upgrading to a stainless steel sink

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 12, 2012 ~ No Comments

My Corian sink is mounted under the kitchen countertops. What do I have to do to change out this type of sink and install a stainless steel one?

Judith ~ Salt Lake City

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Judith. The first decision you have to make is whether the new stainless steel sink is also going to be an undermount model or it will be a drop-in unit. If you decide to go with another undermount kitchen sink, it will have to be the same size and shape as the existing Corian sink or it could be a little larger.

The countertop openings for undermount sinks are cut according to the template that is supplied by the sink manufacturer and must be exact for the installation to work properly and look attractive. A larger stainless steel sink can work, but you will have to enlarge the opening that's currently in the countertop. Depending on what your countertop is made of, you may want to hire a professional if you choose this option.

If you decide to go with a drop-in stainless steel sink, the opening doesn't have to be quite as exact. As long as there is enough countertop support for the sink flange on all sides, the opening can be a little larger than needed and it shouldn't be noticeable. If you go with a larger drop-in sink than your existing opening, the countertop may still need to be altered.

In both situations the plumbing for the Corion sink will need to be disconnected and reattached to the new stainless steel sink. Depending on the new configuration, the drain lines may need to be adjusted. It is also very important that the new sink be sealed properly to prevent future leaks. An undermount model should be sealed with silicone caulk between the top of the sink and the bottom of the countertop and a drop-in unit should be sealed under the top flange.

Some countertops are very expensive so if any altering is required, you may want to hire a professional from around Salt Lake City to do the work. In most cases, plumbing contractors prefer that a countertop company do the alterations if the material is granite, marble or Corian as the work requires special tools.

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