Upgrading Hinges for Cabinet Refacing

Answered by Brett ~ November 9, 2010 ~ No Comments

We'd like to reface the cabinets in our farm house near Spokane, Washington, with new doors. The old sagging hinges are visible on the outside when the doors are shut. If we get a door style with hidden hinges, will the old screw holes be visible?

Wesley ~ Spokane, Washington

Brett Kulina

Wesley, if your cabinets are painted, then you can easily hide the holes from the old door hardware by filling them with some wood putty and paint. If your cabinets are stained wood, then it will be more difficult to hide the screw holes, especially if the existing cabinet hinges are face-mounted. In this case, I would look for a door style or hardware choice that covers the old screw holes so that you can not see them.

You should consult a cabinet shop in the Spokane area (or whoever is making your new cabinet doors), and try to determine which options are best for your existing cabinets. If you are going to invest the money and time to upgrade your old cabinets, then you want them to look like new. Good luck with your project!

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