Uneven Doors Throughout My Home

Answered by Brendan ~ December 2, 2009 ~ Comments

Several of the doors in my house are crooked--I can see light peeking through cracks at the corners. I assume this is because my house is doing a fair amount of settling after several years. What's the most common fix for doors that are uneven?

Deborah O. ~ Atlanta, Georgia

Brendan Fowler

Uneven Doors Throughout My HomeIf these are interior doors you are talking about, I would suggest hinge adjustment. This could be as simple as tightening screws on the hinges or slightly bending hinge butts to tighten up the hinges. In extreme cases sanding may be necessary.

For exterior doors if seeing light is the only thing you see wrong, this could be a weather stripping issue. Check the door for an airtight seal all the way around. Hinge adjustment will also fix exterior doors, so will sanding. But make sure that if you sand an exterior door that you seal the door where you sanded, or it may become warped, swell up, crack, or just plain get ruined.

Warping, swelling, cracking or a ruined door is very difficult to fix.

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