Understanding Windows Ratings

Answered by Jeffrey ~ December 2, 2009 ~ No Comments

I want to replace the windows along the front of the house. The rooms are the kitchen, living room, dining room, and a master bedroom. I don't understand the ratings on the tag and whether I need the most expensive ones in the store. Can you suggest a way to get windows that save on heating bills without having to use our entire remodeling budget?

Tyler L. ~ Washington DC

Jeffrey Anderson

Windows RatingsMost of the windows used today have a "Low E" rating. "Low E" is usually a double pane window with a gas between the panes to provide insulation. The "Low E" rating means that there is a transparent metal coating on the glass panes which helps to prevent the loss of heating or cooling from within, and helps to prevent heat or cold from passing in from the exterior. "Low E" is preferred to tinting by some people as it doesn't cut down on the amount of light which passes through the window.

Talk to a window contractor in your area. It may be possible to simply replace your window sashes rather than the entire window, which could cut down your costs considerably.

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