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How Do I Replace a Leaking Skylight?

In 2000, I bought a home with a great skylight that sheds lots of light inside. However, the skylight started to leak shortly after moving in. I hired a roofer who fixed the leak, repaired the ceiling, and re-painted the area. The problem seemed to be resolved, but now it has returned again. I looked around the skylight and found lots of mold and also damaged portions of the ceiling. I plan on hiring a roofer, again, to fix the problem. But, I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to stop it from happening a third time? Would it be better to just remove the skylight to prevent the continuous leaking?

Is There a Way to Hang Art On a Fieldstone Wall?

I have some walls in my home build of fieldstone, is there a way to hang anything on these walls? There are places with exposed mortar that I thought I might be able to use.

How to insulate and ventilate a crawlspace

My home has a crawl space which is damp and cold. I want to insulate the floor for better comfort inside the house, how is the best way to do this?

Should I reinforce the frame of a 20x30 outbuilding?

I have an outbuilding/workshop that I spend quite a bit of time in. It was framed using 2x4 recycled barn lumber on 2 foot centers. The structural integrity of the building is great. There is no sign of warping anywhere. It is currently uninsulated and I will be insulating it to make it more comfortable to work in during the summer/winter. Before I get to insulating, do you think I should reinforce the framing by adding a 2x4 between the current 2 foot centers, essentially making a framed building with studs every 12 inches? My grandpa built the shop in the 1950s and I don't ever plan to tear it down so any advice you could give to maintain its durability/dependability would be a big help! Thanks!

What should be done with cracks in joints of new concrete driveway?

I had a concrete driveway poured one year ago, and it has developed cracks in between the seam joints. The actual pad is not cracked, just in the depression between the pads. I assume this is not a good thing and something should be done, like caulk or sealant to prevent water, and around here, ice from making them worse. The largest crack is about 1/8 wide. Is this something I should take up with the contractor on the job to repair or make good on?

How much will adding a wet bar in a finished basement cost?

My husband and I just bought a home in New Jersey that has a finished basement. I think basements are better as guest rooms, but he is thinking game room with a wet bar. I think a wet bar near our dining room would add more value to our home. How much will adding a wet bar cost and do basement bars get a better return on investment than wet bars elsewhere in the home?

Insulation for a Home Wine Cellar

Having recently moved into a new La Jolla, Calilfornia, home, I want to turn a sizable storage room into a wine cellar. I plan to install a cooling unit. Do I need to add insulation? If so, how, where and what kind?

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