Does an unattached patio require a building permit?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ October 25, 2012 ~ No Comments

Can I build a patio in the back yard that is not attached to the house and avoid needing a permit to do so? Just pea gravel and blocks. Thank you

Brett Kulina

You should check with your local building department to determine if a building permit is needed before you begin construction of your new patio. Although the structure will not be attached to your house, a building permit may still be required, as is often the case with any deck or patio. Keep in mind that your local codes may also contain important information regarding structures and property line setbacks, as well as the potential need for safety railings on elevated structures.

I'm sure that your local building department has posted its general requirements online, and if not, the answer to your question is only a phone call away. Although you may think that applying for a building permit is an unnecessary hassle, can you imagine the headaches involved with dismantling a finished project because you did not obtain a building permit?

I have always found that my local building department is a wealth of useful information, and even on projects that have seemed very straightforward, I usually learn something helpful from the review process. Keep in mind that over the years, local building inspectors have seen what does, and does not, work in a specific area, and your project will probably be better off if you have your plans reviewed by your local building department.

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