Too late to modify house frame?

Answered by Brendan ~ August 21, 2010 ~ No Comments

The frameing work for my new home has been put up and now I think the ceilings are too low. Is it expensive to have the contractor raise the ceiling since its so early in the game? No wiring or pipes have been put in yet... just the frame of the house.

Fred ~ Chicago, Illinois

Brendan Fowler

If the house is all framed up, it is going to be very expensive to increase the ceiling height. Essentially you would be taking the entire house apart and rebuilding it again from scratch. When a house is framed the first thing you put together are the exterior walls (after the floor is framed), these walls determine the ceiling height, unless you have a vaulted ceiling. If only your exterior walls are framed up you could change the roof trusses or roof framing to provide for a vaulted interior ceiling. Bear in mind, that any structural changes you wish to make will need to be approved by an engineer as well as your local building department. I wish I could tell you that there is an easy way to increase your ceiling height without spending more of money, when a house is all framed I don't think that there is a cheap way out.

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