Any tips for supporting a flat screen TV?

Answered by Jeffrey Anderson ~ April 15, 2013 ~ No Comments

I would like to know if the same wood wall studs can support the weight of 2 flat screens. I would like to mount an additional flat screen on the other side of a shared wall. My problem is, due to various factors, the only studs "avail" are the SAME studs I'm already using.


Jeffrey Anderson

Darryl, a lot is going to depend on the weight of the flat screens and the type of support brackets that you intend to use. A 22-inch flat screen TV can weigh 7 pounds or less and not need much more support than a small wall-mounted mirror. However, a 42-inch TV can be over 30 pounds, so a little bit of planning needs to be done when hanging it on a wall stud.

The first issue is purchasing the proper brackets that will be used to support your TVs. The various electronic manufacturers have different screw or bolt patterns on the rear of their TVs where the bracket is attached. While some brackets are designed to be universal and fit just about all flat screens, others are made for specific bolt patterns. Make sure you purchase a bracket that will fit your particular TV model.

The next consideration is the maximum amount of weight the bracket is rated to carry. Choose models that should have no problem supporting each of your TVs. If a bracket appears to be borderline, moving up to a heavier weight class might be a good idea. Flat screen TVs have come down in price, but I still wouldn't consider them to be inexpensive -- the last thing you want is to find one of your flat screens in pieces on the floor.

Mounting both of the TVs on the same wall stud is definitely not ideal, but if there is no way to avoid it the situation might work if both are small. I would stagger the heights of the brackets so that there is at least one bracket's length between the two mounting heights. The mounting lag bolts for the brackets are usually fairly long so the holes shouldn't be too close together.

Maintaining one bracket's distance between the two should keep from weakening the stud. While there might never be a problem, I wouldn't recommend mounting two 30-pound TVs on the same wall stud.

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