Tile Roof Repair: DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 2, 2010 ~ Comments

Our Texas home has a tile roof and I've noticed some wear-and-tear recently. I'm sure some roof repair is in order, but I'm wondering what kind of repairs I can do myself and what I should hire a contractor to work on. Isn't walking on tile supposed to be dangerous?

Wade ~ Houston, Texas

Jeffrey Anderson

Walking on any roofing material can be dangerous if you're not accustomed to doing it. I do not advise any homeowner to walk on their roof unless the house is only one story high, has a gradual roof pitch, and has standard fiberglass shingles on it. Shakes and slate are difficult to walk on, and tile is even worse, especially if it has been in place for a long time.

Working on a roof is not only dangerous, but if you aren't a professional roofer it can be difficult to find problem areas that need attention. A roof problem area that is missed during an inspection, or repaired improperly, can lead to expensive damage in the future. I recommend you have at least three roofing contractors inspect your roof, give you a report of work needed, and provide an estimate for the work.

Compare the reports and the estimates. If one price is substantially lower than the other prices, make sure they haven't left work out that the others have included. Ensure that the contractor you hire has a license and liability insurance. If they have workers involved in the project, they should also have workman's compensation insurance.

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