Tile floors vs. hardwood flooring

Answered by Brendan ~ March 6, 2012 ~ No Comments

I am purchasing a home that was in foreclosure, so it needs alot of work and maintenance. I have removed some awful carpet from the main level and want to replace it with tile or hardwood floors. Which flooring is going to be easier for me to install, is there a big price difference between the two?

Lenore ~ Las Vegas, NV

Brendan Fowler

If you are starting this job with no prior experience installing wood or tile floors, then go with a wood floor. The cost is going to be roughly the same for material cost, but you will save a ton of time and learn the installation technique faster on a wood floor. There are many types of wood floors to choose from and they will all have different installation procedures. When shopping for your new flooring I would recommend doing research on the method of installation, and try to pick one that you would feel the most comfortable installing. I am assuming that you would purchase a prefinished hardwood or laminate flooring product, if you were thinking about an unfinished wood floor, then I would say go with tile. Despite the attractive square foot pricing for unfinished wood flooring, the finishing part is very tricky and rarely comes out perfectly on the first try. Good Luck!

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