The fence post split, and so did the contractor

Answered by Brendan ~ January 17, 2012 ~ No Comments

The contractor who installed my shadowbox fence used some fence posts that were split and in bad shape. The job looks shabby and the contractor is unwilling to do anything about it, what are my options?

Chris ~ Hanover, MD

Brendan Fowler

This is a tricky issue if the wood split after the fence was installed. Difference-of-opinion issues are very tough to resolve. Was a warranty included with the fence? Was a contract signed for the job? Depending on the cost of the job or the cost of repair, small claims court may be an option. If the contractor is licensed, you could file a complaint with the contractor license board. Unfortunately, if the contractor was not licensed, there was no contract, and you have already paid in full for the work, it can be difficult getting them to fix anything. This is why it's critical to check license status, references, and insurance status when selecting a contractor for any size job. I hope you are able to find a suitable outcome for your fence job. Good luck!

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