Templates for a Farmhouse Sink in Portland

Answered by Jeffrey ~ June 1, 2010 ~ Comments

We're doing our kitchen remodeling and I've ordered a farmhouse sink. It's not a custom sink. So I wonder if the manufacturer or retailer can provide a template to put against the kitchen wall to mark location for drilling holes and mounting. Is this customary, or do I have to make my own by tracing the sink?

Danny D. ~ Portland, Oregon

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Danny, A template for the farmhouse sink should come with the sink. When your sink arrives look inside the shipping box, there should be a template provided which shows the outline of the sink, and the locations of all plumbing holes that have already been drilled in the sink. Sometimes the template also shows where plumbing holes should be drilled in the counter top.

You don't mention what type of countertop you are planning on using, but if it is a countertop that is being prepared off site, such as a granite slab, then the granite company is probably going to need use the template as well.

If for some reason the template is not included in the box, contact the distributor or plumbing supply store that you purchased the sink from and ask them to get you one. I would think that they would keep templates for popular sinks on hand. You may also be able to contact the manufacturer through their website to get a template.

Be careful when you use the template. If you are using a plumbing contractor in Portland, Oregon, then they should be familiar with using them, but if you are doing your own remodeling sink templates can be a little confusing. They can be especially confusing if the manufacturer uses the same template for several similar models of farmhouse sinks and you have to figure out which lines to use for your model. I know it's a cliche, but the old adage "measure twice and cut once" really comes into play here. It can be a very expensive mistake if you cut the opening for the sink too large or the plumbing holes in the wrong place. It's easy to make a mistake, I have seen professionals do it, so thoroughly examine the template before doing any cutting or drilling.

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