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What is the voltage on in line thermostats for ceiling heat?

We want to use the in line thermostats for my ceiling heat to install in wall fan forced heaters such as Cadet. At home depot all of the Cadet in wall heaters are 240 volt. And I was wondering if the power to the thermostats would work or if new wires would need to be ran.

Electrical Wiring Strategy for Our Patio

What kind of conduit and wire should I use to hook up our patio for lights and a couple of overhead electric heaters? I've been told to buy THWN to protect everything against water here in Baltimore. Am I on the right track or is there a better way to do it?

How Expensive Is Smart Wiring in Denver?

I recently read that "smart wiring" is being used in home additions and renovations. Is copper the wiring most people use when installing new wiring? I've also heard that you should consider surge protectors in rooms and additions where there's new wiring. I'd really like to know what smart wiring entails and a reasonable range in costs.

Removing Redundant Electrical Wiring

I just moved into a house that has been wired and re-wired. I saw some of it on the walkthrough, but now I'm finding electric wires without caps and live ones that have never been terminated properly. Is there a system for going through all of it, or do I need to call in a real electrician?

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