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Replacing a rotten wood window in a shower stall

The wood window in our bathroom shower stall has water damage and is starting to mold. Can I refinish the frame or should I replace it?,

Who Should I Contact to Replace Old Wood Around My Windows?

The wood around the outside of my windows is beginning to rot and I will need to have it replaced. Who should I contact to get an estimate for this kind of work?

What are the Most Efficient Wood Frame Windows?

I am considering replacing the windows in my home. However, my historic home is only allowed wood frame windows. What are the most efficient ones, and what should I expect for the average cost?

Can I Install New Windows Directly to Studs?

I am installing new windows in my home. Is it against code to install windows directly to the studs with caulking when no shear wall will be applied?

What is the Cost of Installing a Fire Window Escape?

I live in Delaware and plan on finishing my basement. However, according to the law, you must have an escape window. How much would a window replacement like this cost?

What Are the Best Soundproof Windows?

What are the best soundproof windows?

Double pane argon windows: what to do when windows are improperly installed

I currently have Pella Impervia fiberglass, low e, double pane, argon gas filled windows in my home. I have discovered that the original installation was not done correctly, and I will need to have it re-done in order to meet code. If argon gas filled windows are installed improperly, what will be the effects of a reinstallation?

Window Replacement for Home in Wichita Falls, Texas

On a chilly, windy day last January I ran my hand around the window frames of our typical two-story home. Eight out of fourteen double-pane windows felt drafty, mostly those with condensation between the panes. The 5'h x 8'w living room window was one of them. Overall cost-wise, including utilities, does it make sense to only do window replacement as needed, or should we replace all of them now?

How much to replace windows ourselves?

We're on a really tight budget but our east and west-facing house has big temperature swings. Window replacement seems logical. There are four 4 x 6's, three 4 x 8's, and two 3 x 4' windows. We're pretty handy and will remove and replace the windows ourselves. What window type and budget do you suggest?

Window Replacement in a Wilmington, Delaware, Crooked Opening

One front window in our old house is obviously not level. Since all the other windows are the same size, a carpenter will have to rebuild the opening so the window replacement size matches the others. This is a 1940's wood frame house. How much will the labor cost to remove the old window, rebuild the opening, and replace the window?

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