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How Much Does It Cost to Install New Windows?

I am considering purchasing a home that is now vacant and has a number of broken windows. The windows that I would need to replace are 1' x 7' vertical windows, as well as several standard size household windows and a sliding glass door. What should I expect to pay for a window installation of this type, and how should I choose a windows contractor?

Can I Install New Windows Directly to Studs?

I am installing new windows in my home. Is it against code to install windows directly to the studs with caulking when no shear wall will be applied?

Room Additions in Anchorage, Alaska

We want to bump out exterior walls that face our northwest view to create a dining nook beyond the kitchen and a home office beyond a seldom-used walk-in closet. Both additions would be 8' x 8'. To maximize the view I'd like fixed-pane maximum insulated windows about 7'h x 6'w on all three walls of both room additions. How much extra in initial cost and heating bills would this cost over 4'h x 6'w windows?

What is the general labor charge to install a 93in by 58in inch picture window?

I need to hire a contractor to install a 93x58 inch picture window. Aluminum siding has to be taken off and put back on. Its on the first floor only a few feet off ground level.

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