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Using Fences for Front Yard Privacy

Our split level house has an all-grass front yard 80 feet wide by 35 feet deep. We'd like to make it easy-care, dividing the yard into an enclosed rectangular brick-and-pavers courtyard, with bark or stone and flowering shrubs outside the courtyard. The 4-foot-high, three-sided brick fences will enclose 16 feet-by-36 feet. What should we budget for the brick fences and brick paver work?

Where to Find Copper Paneling

Some specialty catalogs sell 6 inch square copper panels with self-adhesive backing for a decorative look in the kitchen. I have a stove where I put the panels on the back of it and on the adjacent wall. The corner area has small gaps and an uneven appearance. I wanted to put a copper or aluminum corner piece over the panels to hide the gaps, much like you put moulding around the wall to hide the gaps in the floor boards, but it seems no one sells anything like that. I was told it was a big item back in the 60's & 70's, but it is not available today. What do you suggest?

Why is my toilet water drained when I wash clothes?

Every time I wash clothes, it seems as though the water is being sucked away from the toilet when the washer spins. I am not sure why that is happening. Please help!!

Can windows with double paned glass be cleaned and resealed?

We have French door with beveled glass. One side is cloudy because the seal has been broken between the two pieces of glass. Can the one side be cleaned and resealed so the door does not have to be replaced?

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