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Can I expand the size of my home's basement?

Is it possible to remove one of my basement walls so that I can expand the size of the basement. Currently, the 4 basement walls are solid concrete and sit directly under the perimeter of the house, which means that the expanded basement would extend beyond the footprint of the house? What do you think of this idea?

How can I waterproof my porch to prevent rain water from flooding the basement?

My home's unheated basement gets wet from rainwater, which soaks in from the above porch. The existing floor of the porch is made from 1x4 tongue and groove boards. How can I waterproof the floor of the porch so that water does not leak into the underlying basement?

Building a backyard wine cellar

I want to build a wine cellar in my backyard that is sunken in the ground about 2-3 feet. I can see it in my head but have now idea how to build it or how to proceed. Any ideas?

Basement Waterproofing Membrane

I'm looking to protect my newly done basement in San Jose with floor sealant before moving into the home office I've completed. It's a level concrete floor and there's no sign of moisture. The membranes are mostly made for commercial use, right? I'd like to find an affordable one to try at home.

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