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Can copper pipes cause bad tasting water?

The drinking water in our house has a bad metal taste to it ever since we had new pipes put in. A new water heater was installed and some old cast iron piping was replaced with copper, but now the water actually tastes like a mouthful of pennies. Is there a way to make the bad taste disappear?

Costs for a Water Heater or Circulation Pump

We added a kitchen last year and now we're not getting enough hot water on that end of the house. I've heard that circulation pumps are more expensive to buy but cheaper in the end since you don't have to run the water while it heats. Is that true?

Should I swap my conventional water heater for a tankless one?

I have heard that tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than conventional ones. Is it worthwhile cost-wise in the long run to replace my conventional one with a tankless in my North Carolina, home? Would I need only one? Where would I install it? What kind of savings could I expect on my utility bill?

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