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How much does it cost to replace a tile floor in a small bathroom?

The floor in our home's bathroom needs to be replaced due to water damage. Water got under the tiles and made the sub-floor swell and loosened the tiles. About how much might it cost to redo the tile floor in a bathroom (10 x 7)

Is my contractor responsible for accidental flooding?

While removing my home's old floors, the flooring contractor accidentally cut a water line that was running right under the plywood subfloor. Although he turned off the water before to much water flooded the crawlspace, there is going to be some plumbing repairs needed. Who should pay for the damage?

Is the general contractor responsible for the plumber's work?

4 months after my kitchen renovation was completed there was a flood caused by a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink. The new bamboo floors, baseboard trim, and some cabinets are ruined. Who is responsible, the plumber or my general contractor?

Repairing water damage under kitchen sink

We had a leaky water pipe under our kitchen sink, which soaked through the cabinets to the wall sheetrock and flooring. Do I have to remove the base cabinets to repair everything or can I just dry it out with a heater and a fan?

What's the best way to repair a ceiling with water damage?

What is the best way to repair a ceiling that has water damage due to a leaky radiator in the room above? The drywall on the ceiling is wet and rotten, but isolated in a small spot. Do I need to hire a contractor? Do I need to replace the entire ceiling?

Is My New Laminate Flooring Damaged Due to Water or the Contractor?

I have some laminate flooring that I think may have been installed incorrectly, but I'm not sure. How can you tell the difference between laminate flooring that is damaged due to water and damaged due to poor installation by the contractor. I worry that the contractor may have installed the laminate too tightly or hammered it incorrectly?

What is the best way to repair damaged house siding?

I bought a house that has some siding damage. The bottom course of lap siding was touching the dirt for a while and needs to be replaced. Any advice for how to repair the lower siding without residing the whole house?

Water Damage Due to Contractor Error

My contractor was adding a second story to my home. After taking off the roof, the contractor improperly secured the tarp on the house before a major rainstorm and the result was that my entire house was waterlogged (all dry wall was soaked) and my custom made 3/4" solid oak with mahogany inlay floors were destroyed. The contractor wants to take care of this rather than involve his insurance but by my estimates the cost to repair could be 30%-50% of what we contracted for the remodel. The contractor is already making judgment calls about which walls to completely tear out the drywall and which to save...but when I recently tested some of the walls the contractor recommended we leave in place they had moisture levels of 100%. Though I wanted to let the contractor take care of it, I am thinking that we need to have his insurance company pay us for the damages and then I can pay him a proper amount to fix the damage rather than leave the contractor in a position where he needs to cut corners to be whole on this project. What is your opinion? Should we get insurance involved?

Replacing Water Damaged Floors

I had a leak/flood recently, had to get rid of old linoleum and carpet. Now the concrete floor is exposed. Fans dried out the place for 4-6 days. I want to put engineered wood flooring on top of the concrete slab. Due to the moisture from flood, do you recommend just a moisture barrier sealer, or sheetings before putting on the flooring? How about plywood first? The place was soaked overnight. Moisture crept up walls 8 inches. I heard it's good to put plywood planks first, or a vapour barrier to seal concrete first. For the sealer, the flooring guy wants $1000, isn't that excessive?

Is there such a thing as perma shield water proof sheet rock?

I've used Wonderboard, but this stuff they're showing me isn't green! I am a renter in a NYC apartment, built around 1960. I have had a leak from the apartment upstairs in my 1/2 bathroom and master bath which share a common wall. The leak comes through the ceiling in the 1/2 bath in kind of a square shape. In the master bath, the leak is only slightly apparent in the ceiling.

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