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How Do I Build an Outside Wall for My Home?

I am building a new wall in my yard. I am putting in 6x6 wood posts to frame out the wall. In order to make sure the posts stay in place, I was told to put cement in the bottom of hole that the posts will be placed in, followed by gravel. Is this the correct procedure? Is there anything else I need to do to ensure that the posts are solid and properly installed?

Can you plumb walls with pocket doors?

I have a large laundry room I want to split in half and make into a small bathroom with a toilet, small vanity and shower stall. The west wall is the exterior wall, the north and south walls are pocket doors, and I want to wall in the east side and again have a pocket door since the space will be tight. Is this possible? Do I plumb it up through the floor instead of the wall? What about the sink and shower drain? What about venting? Do I have to just run everything along the walls and paint them white to match? HELP !!!!!!

Extending a Wall But Having Issues With Rafter

Extending a wall and got up into my attic to make sure I have a rafter to nail to and the rafter is 4 inches over from where I want to extend my new wall. Not sure what the existing wall header is nailed to. Should i just toenail some 2X4 up there to nail the top of my frame to?

Paint Failing in the Kitchen

I had the kitchen included in an interior paint job last year. It's way too soon to see paint chipping and flaking and the original painter has left the area. Fortunately, the flaking is limited to one wall. Do I scrape, prep, and repaint the entire kitchen again, or is there a way to match up colors and repair the one wall?

Moisture on floor and wall. Where is it coming from?

I have what appears to be water (moisture) on the floor and wall in one of the bedrooms. I asked a roofer to check is see if I needed a new roof. I was told that my roof is fine. What else could this be? I see what looks like little water marks on the wall and floor.

How much to remove a load-bearing wall?

I am looking at removing approximately 10 feet of a load-bearing wall to support the house correctly. I know there are many factors, but is this possible? Here's what I think we need to do: remove existing wall, support the frame properly, build an arch way, move existing electricity and cable, replace approxiamtely 6" by 10" feet of hardwood and finish.

What to Do With Wet Drywall

My upstairs neighbor had a leak and in trickled down to my wall and cause a stain on the top of my drywall. The wall bubbled at the top. Is this just a simple resurfacing or do I need to get a new piece of drywall?

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