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Can I safely remove a load bearing wall?

The existing living room in my small cottage house is an old porch add-on. I would like to remove the wall that separates the ad-on living room from the rest of the house and replace the load bearing wall with a large header, which will open up the entire floor plan. Unfortunately because of the low ceiling height, I don't think I have enough head room for the header. Is there a way to bury the header in the ceiling cavity?

How Do I Add a Window In a Load Bearing Wall?

I need assistance in removing a wall from my home. I want to add a very large "window" that would open up the kitchen/dining area on one side and a living/family room area on the other.

Bathroom Remodeling for Elderly Access

My wheelchair-dependent father will move in with me soon. A small bathroom next to the 12 x 14' bedroom he'll use has sink, toilet, and shower plumbing on the wall away from his bedroom. Stealing two feet from the bedroom and adding it to the bathroom seems like a great bathroom remodeling idea, as no plumbing would move. He'll have more mobility and independence. I don't think it's a bearing wall. Roughly what would it cost to move the wall and add a linen closet to one end of the shower?

How can I tell if a wall is a load bearing?

We are looking at buying a house that needs a little help in the kitchen. I would like to be able to create a pass through & counter from the kitchen to the dining room which would require knocking out the top half of an interior wall. The wall now has cabinets attached to it and is a partial wall which stops at the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room. Wanted to know if there was a clear way to tell if part of a wall can be taken out when we go back to look at the house. Many thanks!!!

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