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Drywall is Coming Down From the Ceiling in Covered Deck

I have a private covered deck and the drywall is coming down from the ceiling. How would I repair the ceiling on the private deck? If I remove the old drywall what do I replace it with?

Do vent booster fans really help?

I have very little air flow coming out of my upstairs vents in several rooms at the end of the run. A/C & Heat unit only a couple years old.

How much would it cost to re-grade my yard?

I will be moving to Stafford, Virginia and I am trying to find out how much it would cost me to re-grade the back yard so that the water from my neighboors yard does not run into my yard?

Painting the Trim on My Home

My one-story 1600 square foot red brick home has white trim. Painting involves eaves, eight windows with wood shutters, three doors and a single car garage door. I'm afraid of ruining the brick if I do the painting. If it's not too expensive I'll hire a painting contractor. The trim just needs some wire brushing. I need either rough cost ideas or painting tips.

Does my HVAC return have to be in the ceiling?

I have a split level house and right now my furnace is in the utility room directly below my kitchen. The duct runs up the full height of the house and is partially blocking the doorway into my kitchen which I would like to widen. Does the return duct have to run all the way to the attic and finish in the ceiling? Would it be possible to end the return on a main floor wall and remove the duct that runs through the main floor? Right now the duct is in such a inconvenient location in middle of the house. Thanks in advance for the advice.

Cracked Kitchen Flooring

I cropped a big cast iron Dutch oven on my kitchen floor and cracked and chipped a ceramic tile. I can't find a similar tile. What do you suggest as a repair?

Heat Pump Installation Costs for a 1950's Ranch House

I have a 1950's ranch that does not have central heat and air. I would like a ballpark figure for installation. It has an attic (which is pretty much fully floored and great for storage) and a crawl space which you do crawl in to navigate it (don't know if there is enough room for ductwork in there). Currently it has a hot water system and registers to heat the house (there is gas to heat the water). I don't know if a gas system (since there is already gas available) would be best and more cost efficient or if an electrical system for air and heat is best. I would also need ductwork installed. Thank you

How much does it cost to wrap fascia board with aluminum?

I have 1927 two-story dutch colonial. While replacing the gutters, the contractor said I need to replace much of the fascia boards and suggested I wrap all in aluminum. Cost $3800. My house is approximately 25 feet wide and 45 deep or 1850 sq ft. Does that sound reasonable?

Where do I find suppliers for exterior bamboo doors?

I have searched all over the web and can find very little info about bamboo doors aside from some interior doors. Obviously, this is very uncommon and certainly will not be sold at your local retail store. Do you know of any national suppliers, online or offline?

Cost to Repair Walkway and Repair Porch Bricks

What's the approximate cost to repair a walkway and repair porch bricks. The sidewalk is uneven due to the house settling. The front porch walkway is uneven and water is leaking at times into the basement.

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