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How much does it cost to build a one car garage?

I want to build a 1 car garage on my property, about 18'x22'. What is the average cost of building a garage? What size garage door should I use? Thanks.

What should I use to seal around my home's windows?

The vinyl siding on my house was not properly installed (no insulating board, no house wrap, no caulking). I can now see exposed plywood sheathing in a large gap between the edge of the siding panel and the edge of the vinyl window. How can I seal this gap around the windows so that it is water proof, but still allows for the expansion/contraction of the vinyl siding panel?? Thanks in advance.

Why do my windows leak inside around the window trim?

Why do my downstairs windows leak inside, around the window trim at the tops when a driving rain hits? The windows are leaking up top and are wood and vinyl. I have caulked all the way around the window itself where the brick meets the wood. What am I missing?

How can I check to see if windows are insulated?

How can I check to see if when a replacment vinyl windows was installed, the window frame was actually insulated fully? A few years ago, I had vinyl replacement windows installed in an 100 year old house. I still seem to have draft issues around the windows and I'm thinking that the gaps where the old window weights were, weren't insulated or at least not fully insulated. Is there a way to see if there is any insulation in the window frames, or fill any possible gaps in the wood window frames that now have vinyl replacement windows already in them? Thank you.

Window unit air conditioner installed in vinyl windows?

We do not have central AC, but want to replace our wooden windows with vinyl; however, we do not want to drill holes in the vinyl when time to install the window AC in the Spring. Any suggestions?

Can I put a vinyl double hung window in a shower?

I had a garden tub with a window over it. I am replacing that area (48X 60) with a shower. The window was an aluminum clad wood window. Will I have any regrets installing a vinyl double hung vs glass block?

Aluminum Versus Vinyl Window Replacements

If an aluminum window replacement has the ENERGY STAR label and costs less than a vinyl window with the same label, is there any reason for choosing vinyl versus aluminum for our Daytona Beach, Florida, home?

Thermal Resistance of Vinyl Replacement Windows

We have lots of days over 100 degrees here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I'm afraid vinyl window replacements would warp or sag from the heat. Would aluminum window replacements be a better choice, or are my fears about vinyl unfounded?

Efficacy of Vinyl Versus Fiberglass Window Replacement

Our Longmont, Colorado, home is 25 years old, and is of well-insulated 2"x6" frame construction. Will the extra cost of fiberglass windows pay for themselves versus a very good vinyl window replacement?

Repaint or Replace Old Windows in Washington?

Our house in Bremerton, Washington, has been in the family for over 50 years. We're all do-it-yourselfers, so the house has been very well maintained. Nevertheless, I'm wondering about scraping, sanding, filling and repainting the twelve window frames one more time versus buying replacement vinyl windows. What are the economics of the situation?

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