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What should I use to seal around my home's windows?

The vinyl siding on my house was not properly installed (no insulating board, no house wrap, no caulking). I can now see exposed plywood sheathing in a large gap between the edge of the siding panel and the edge of the vinyl window. How can I seal this gap around the windows so that it is water proof, but still allows for the expansion/contraction of the vinyl siding panel?? Thanks in advance.

How Much Does a New Vinyl Siding Installation Cost?

I am planning on adding vinyl siding to a new home construction. How much will this cost? I will need to add siding to a 1,200 sq.ft. home.

What Kind of Vinyl Log Siding Do You Recommend?

I am currently looking for information and recommendations regarding vinyl log siding. I am looking to have this style of siding installed on my home. I am wondering if you could recommend some manufacturers for vinyl log siding?

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