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How Much Does Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost?

I am planning on adding vinyl flooring in my home. How much should I expect to pay per square foot?

New Flooring for College Home in Terre Haute, Indiana

Our twin daughters just started their freshman year at Indiana State U. We bought a modest home for them to live in, and they are likely to live in it for four or five years. The house is fine except for beat-up wall-to-wall carpeting. The kitchen and bath have worn vinyl flooring. What would be the most practical and cost-efficient flooring we could put in that will be easy to keep clean?

Ripping Up Old Linoleum Versus Installing Laminate Flooring

The kitchen in our 80-year old home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has very worn linoleum flooring on a plywood-looking substrate. We tried removing some of the linoleum and it crumbles or separates from the backing. What would cost more--preparing the floor for new vinyl sheet flooring or preparing it to install wood laminate flooring?

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