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What are Typical Prices for Torch Down Roofing?

I am having a new torch down roof installed, what should I look for and expect in pricing when I compare quotes for the job?

What is the Cost of a Torch Down Roof Replacement?

I am contractor currently bidding on a roofing project. I haven't done a roof in 15 years and need to know what to charge. The bid is for a 20 square foot torch down roof over an old hot tar roof. It is a simple 2 ply torch go over the existing structure, however there will be some simple cut work involved.

Low Slope Roofing Options

I have a client with a 2/12 pitch roof. The previous homeowner had install arch comp roofing shingles in a 350sq ft area. This area has failed and needs roofing and structural repairs. She doesn't want a roof with differing materials and doesn't like the look of Torch Down. Is there a way to laminate shingles over Torch Down? Is there a value engineered and aesthietic solution to her problem? Thanks!

What is the approximate cost per square to apply torch down roofing?

The area is flat, 15' x 45', has a layer of old, deteriorated roll roofing over a plywood decking.

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