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Can leaded glass be used in a backsplash?

I want to install a new backsplash in my kitchen using vintage leaded glass from old windows in combination with tile. Would the lead be toxic? How would it stand up to heat behind the stove?

Is OK to tile an entire kitchen and place cabinets over them?

Yes it is okay to install cabinets over tile. A cracked tile that is half covered by a cabinet can be replaced just as any tile would, it will just take a little bit more work. As with any tile install, I would recommend that a crack isolation membrane be

Options for updating our 1950's bathroom?

We just want it very low maintenance and to look presentable. Should we take down all the tile on walls and floor, or should we just take down the bathtub tiles and put something that is less maintenance than grout and tile? What are some low maintenance options?

How flat should a floor be for large tiles?

My wife and I tried to use a cement self leveling underlay on the concrete slab in our kitchen to prep for tiling 18'' tiles. Unfortunately, we did it in 2 batches because we misread the coverage and ended up with hills and valleys. In the worst spots the tile moves about 1/8''-3/16'' when pushed down on certain corners. Would it be safe to go ahead and lay the tiles? Should we try to flatten the floor more? Also, do I need to use concrete sealer before tiling?

Best Resale Kitchen Countertops for Cheap

My husband just got transferred out of state and we are getting our home ready for sale. Our kitchen countertops definitely need to be replaced but we have a very limited budget for improvements. What materials would you suggest to get the most resale value from our countertops for the lowest price?

How to Install Tile Floors in a Kitchens

I want to replace an old linoleum floor in my kitchen with tile. What is the best type of tile to use? Do I need to remove the linoleum, or can I put the new the tile over it? What are the step-by-step instructions for laying a tile floor?

Old Kitchen Counter Needs New Tile

I bought an older ranch home that has a pink tile kitchen counter. I like the look of tile, but this kitchen clearly needs updating and I want a counter that looks more modern. What new tile materials or styles should I consider?

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