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How do I waterproof a tile shower?

I want to remove my fiberglass shower insert and replace it with a tile shower. How should I waterproof the underlying cement slab before I install the floor tiles? Thanks

How much does it cost to replace a tile floor in a small bathroom?

The floor in our home's bathroom needs to be replaced due to water damage. Water got under the tiles and made the sub-floor swell and loosened the tiles. About how much might it cost to redo the tile floor in a bathroom (10 x 7)

Remodeling a bathroom

I am in the middle of remodeling my entire bathroom and have removed everything right down to the bare studs and plywood subfloor. What is the correct order for installing new floors, tile walls, new shower/tub unit, fixtures, etc? Thanks in advance

Tile floors vs. hardwood flooring

I am purchasing a home that was in foreclosure, so it needs alot of work and maintenance. I have removed some awful carpet from the main level and want to replace it with tile or hardwood floors. Which flooring is going to be easier for me to install, is there a big price difference between the two?

New flooring installation over old linoleum

I want to install some new floors in our kitchen , which currently has a linoleum on it. Can I leave the old linoleum in place and install the new flooring directly on top of it? (The linoleum goes under the kitchen cabinets) Ideally I would like to install some sort of engineered hardwood or some tile. Is this possible, or do I have to tear up the old linoleum? Thanks

How do you get the film off a new tile floor?

I just had a new tile floor installed in my house. Even though the floors were sponged down after grouting, there is still a haze over the entire surface. How should I clean them?

How Can I Successfully Refurbish a 40-year-old Tile Floor?

I have ceramic tile in my foyer that was installed in 1970. It needs a good cleaning and there are a few broken tiles, but otherwise seems to be in good condition. Can this old floor be refurbished? I like it and would like to keep it, but most of my neighbors have replaced theirs.

What Type of Decorative Bathroom Tile Should I Use for my Shower Floor?

I'm in the process of remodeling my bathroom and I would like to install a decorative tile design on the shower floor. What type of tile would be best for this type of project? I would like something that is safe, durable, and cost effective.

What Are the Average Costs for Tiling a Bathroom?

I am planning to update a bathroom in my home with new flooring. I would like to install tile in my 6 by 5 foot bathroom. What are the average costs I should expect as I compare quotes from contractors?

How do I build a half wall?

I need to build a half wall in my kitchen. The wall part seems easy enough. The question is...the kitchen floor is tile. The wall would go on top of the tile. Do I drill holes in the tile and attach the base stud (of the half wall) to the floor with screws? Do I try to cut the tile with a dremel and attach the base stud to the wood subfloor below the tiles?

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