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Sunroom Skylight Leaks

When we installed the skylight in our Atlanta sunroom, we used a flashing unit that came with the kit. Now the skylight leaks onto the sunroom flooring. I checked for drips from condensation, but it seems more like a structural problem with the room. I don't want to check every shingle on the roof. Can you recommend an affordable fix?

Sunroom to Third Bedroom

My partner and I were thinking of turning a sunroom into a third bedroom but we heard that when we go to re-sell, it would only qualify as a bedroom if it has a closet. Is that true? If we need to add a closet, is it expensive to do?

Recommended Glass for a Sunroom Roof

I plan to add a sunroom onto my living room, and I'd like it to have a glass roof to allow for views of the beautiful San Diego sky. What type of glass do you suggest I have installed for maximum energy efficiency and to avoid drastic temperature fluctuations inside?

Does a Pre-fab sunroom count for square footage in the house?

When you build a prefab sunroom does it add to the over all square footage of the home?

How can we get pet urine stains out of an oak floor?

My wife and I just moved into a 1940s Vermont home with great potential. We knew that there were beautiful oak floors in a four-season sunroom hidden underneath a green shag carpet. But after we moved in and pulled up the entire carpeting we noticed that the flooring had dark spots in several corners. A friend said that this was probably due to urine from pet accidents. We want to refinish the floors, but will these dark flooring stains ever come out?

Enclosing a Patio

I already have a concrete patio that is attached to my home, no concrete work needed, but also no roof. I am wondering approximate cost of covering and screening in this area. Shed type roof (slant) not hip and gable, if I hire someone to do this. I prefer wood, not aluminum as I live in Alabama and we get alot of storms/wind. It is 14 feet x 23 feet, and will be attached to my home. Thank you!

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