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Will a hot tub work in an existing sunroom?

Our kit-built sunroom has room for a 2-person above-ground hot tub. Electricity and water are available in the adjoining kitchen wall. There's cement flooring. The sunroom door would provide venting. Drainage and soundproofing the pump are the only problems I see. What costs besides the tub might we have?

Sunroom Skylight Leaks

When we installed the skylight in our Atlanta sunroom, we used a flashing unit that came with the kit. Now the skylight leaks onto the sunroom flooring. I checked for drips from condensation, but it seems more like a structural problem with the room. I don't want to check every shingle on the roof. Can you recommend an affordable fix?

Sunroom Designs to Compliment a Master Bedroom

Outside our Jacksonville master bedroom is a flat roof. We would like to make it a sunroom--it's a lovely space overlooking the pool. I'm not even sure where to look for sunroom designs. Are there sunroom designs that can be accomplished with our situation for about $30,000?

Are There Sunroom Designs that Wrap Around a House Corner?

In the summer I'd like to enjoy a bug-free breakfast in a sunroom on the sunny east side of my house in Worcester, MA, then move to the cooler north side when it gets hotter. Are there prefab sunroom designs made like that?

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