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Can You Recommend Sunroom Designs for Texas Weather?

One thing about living in Texas in the summer is that you have to put up with heat and humidity. I'd like to add a sunroom with air conditioning, and I'm definitely not interested in a screened porch. Most of the sunroom designs I see are either cheap looking or are altogether too extravagant. Can you point me in the right direction cost-wise?

Sunroom Designs to Compliment a Master Bedroom

Outside our Jacksonville master bedroom is a flat roof. We would like to make it a sunroom--it's a lovely space overlooking the pool. I'm not even sure where to look for sunroom designs. Are there sunroom designs that can be accomplished with our situation for about $30,000?

Sunroom Designs: French Doors vs. Sliding Doors

We are in the process of changing our windows in our sunroom. I have been examining several sunroom designs and I see both French doors and sliding windows. How much difference is the cost of sunroom designs that use sliding doors compared to French doors?

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