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How deep should a sump pump waste line be buried?

I am installing a sump-pump in my basement, but need to know how deep the waste line should be buried. The line will run from the basement to the ditch in front of my house. Thank you.

What do I use to fill in my floor vents?

I have recently had my duct work put in the ceiling as my floor vents were rotting after 25 years of water in them. Although i have had sump pump for 18 years, it still happened. Someone told me to place a piece of plywood over the duct opening, dump sand into the vent and top it off with about 4" of cement. With all that said, what is going to happen to the sand and is it eventually going to settle if water is still getting in there?

Finding the Cause of a Wet Basement

For some mysterious reason, our new house in Myrtle Beach always seems to have a wet basement after it rains. Do you have any advice about possible causes and what to look for? Could this be a significant structural problem? I'm trying not to worry.

Solve My Wet Basement Nightmare

Every time we get a substantial rain, I can always count on at least a half-inch of rain in my basement. I've applied concrete sealant to the walls, but it doesn't seem to help. Where should I be looking to find the leak source that is causing my wet basement?

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