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How can I repair a squeaky subfloor ?

I am going to install some ceramic tile on my kitchen floor, but the plywood subfloor squeaks in a certain area when I walk on it. I've used a stud finder to locate the floor joists and then drove in several new screws, but the floor still squeaks. What can I do to stop this problem before I lay the cement backer board on top of the plywood subfloor ?

Is it necessary to put thinset beneath HardieBacker board ?

I am a beginner researching(you tube) on how to install ceramic tiles on my kitchen floor(plywood subfloor). I've started laying my 1/4" HardieBacker underlayment, but have been told by a contractor that it isn't necessary to apply thinset under the underlayment. Should I stop and apply the thinset or keep going ?

Removing the 1/4in luan floor for 3/4in hardwood installation

My 1/4" luan (I think it's luan) has been there for 30 years. It not only had lots of 1" long plus nails holding it down, somebody decided to shoot about 100 brad type nails in it as well. This material basically glued itself to my subfloor. I tried to pry it up, however about 50% will not pry up. It split in layers and I have resorted to using a very sharp 2" wide wood chisel to get under the very thin layers of material that are stuck to my subfloor. Any suggestions ? I may be here another 2 weeks trying to get the rest of it up..but my contractor is coming tomorrow to install my hardwood flooring!

Stick-on Tiles Good for Bathroom Floors?

My mom's bathroom has a plywood subfloor. She wants to put stick-on tiles with a grout on the plywood. Would this be OK for a bathroom floor? Will it be durable and non porous with water, humidity, etc?

Floors and Home Additions

Having completed plans for a small bath addition in Philadelphia, I'm a little worried that the floors won't meet properly. Do I have to cut down to the subfloor on the existing part of the home to find the height for the connection? I need help finding the right level for the foundation.

Cost for Uneven Kitchen Floor Repair

As part of our kitchen remodeling project, I want to put down a new floor. The kitchen subfloor is uneven and I want to get it right. Do you recommend a self-leveling compound for the job? It's a slab subfloor. I hate to resort to grinding. What about putting plywood above the concrete slab? What's the most cost-effective answer?

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