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How to refinish wood cabinets

I would like to change the color of my wood cabinets. How can I remove the existing dark color from the frames and raised panel doors and replace it with a lighter shaded stain?

What Kind of Prep Is Needed to Apply a Gel Stain to Previously Stained Wood?

I'm refinishing all of my exterior doors in my home and would like to re-do the surface with a gel stain. Do I need to do any additional sanding to the stain that I just applied before applying the gel stain, or can I just apply the gel on top of the new stain?

What is the easiest and most cost effective way to change out stained wood molding?

We have baseboards and door trim throughout our house that is stained wood. We would like to either have the trim primed and painted white, or replace every piece with new painted molding. Cost is a factor.

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