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Flooring for home dance practice

Our twins are starting their third year of tap dance lessons and beg us to remove the family room carpet and put in hard flooring. What's a tap-proof flooring material, and what will it cost to tear up 14 x 20' of carpet and install hard flooring?

Separate Heating & Cooling for South Dakota Guest Rooms

For the home we'll be building in Rapid City, South Dakota, we'll have a central heating & cooling. However, the guest wing has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. We estimate we'll have a maximum of 20 to 25 days per year of guest use. Is there any savings over a 10-year period in having a separate heating & cooling unit for that wing?

How to Remove Cabinets for Replacement

We are replacing the old kitchen cabinets in our Sioux Falls home, and we would prefer to do the removal ourselves. However, the cabinets have numerous layers of paint to contend with before we can reach the screws to disassemble them. What's the easiest route to take in removing these cabinets?

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