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How much does it cost to add a bathroom on to a house?

We have a small 3BR/1BA house and would like to add a full bath onto the main level of our home. The new bathroom would be about 10'x10' and would be on a new slab foundation connected to the back gable end of the house. With new walls, a shed roof with asphalt shingles, and cedar lapp much should we budget for a project like this? Thanks in advance.

Dry Rot Spurs Bathroom Remodeling

The tile tub enclosure in our 70-year old house leaked, creating dry rot in the floor and the wall framing. Since the wall must be rebuilt, I'd like to do a small bathroom remodeling. I'd bump out the wall two feet and create a custom shower stall with medium-priced tile. The exterior is clapboard siding and I'll tuck a small gable under the existing gable. Any ideas about problems and costs?

Bathroom Remodeling for Elderly Access

My wheelchair-dependent father will move in with me soon. A small bathroom next to the 12 x 14' bedroom he'll use has sink, toilet, and shower plumbing on the wall away from his bedroom. Stealing two feet from the bedroom and adding it to the bathroom seems like a great bathroom remodeling idea, as no plumbing would move. He'll have more mobility and independence. I don't think it's a bearing wall. Roughly what would it cost to move the wall and add a linen closet to one end of the shower?

Floors and Home Additions

Having completed plans for a small bath addition in Philadelphia, I'm a little worried that the floors won't meet properly. Do I have to cut down to the subfloor on the existing part of the home to find the height for the connection? I need help finding the right level for the foundation.

How can I remodel a small bathroom on a $2,000 budget?

We have a small bathroom maybe 6x8. We need to get a new tub, wall surround, either a new vanity or reface the exisiting one, and tile floors. My husband and dad are willing to do all the labor but is $2,000 unreaslistic? It really needs to be done so I am wondering where should I start?

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