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How Much Does a Wood Siding Replacement Cost?

I am considering replacing the wood siding on my home. How much should I expect to spend for new home siding and installation?

How Do I Finish Tongue and Groove Home Siding?

I am installing tongue and groove siding for the first time. When I'm done, how do I hide the uneven tongue and groove piece at the start and the end of where I am installing it?

Which should be replaced first - windows or siding?

I live in a condo that was constructed in 1980. All buildings are 2 stories with 8 units per building. Each unit has its own entry. So the buildings are similar to a town home but smaller like a condo. My unit in May had some siding removed and there was a lot of water damage underneath. Only one unit had water damage inside the condo due to the siding leaking. The condo board has decided to replace the siding. However, they would also like to replace the windows at the same time. The home association does not have enough money saved so they will have to raise the monthly rates significantly. My opinion is we need new siding since we have had problems with the original siding. The windows haven't caused any water damage so we don't need them. I understand it would be easier to replace both at the same time. But the amount they want to increase our fees is too high to do both. Without seeing our buildings, is it okay to replace siding first then replace windows at a later time like 5 years from now?

Older Vinyl Siding Replacement

I have some older vinyl siding and want to replace the corners with accents. I have been to local stores and found that the corners are a one piece unit. My corners are three pieces. It has two j-channel pieces nailed and the corner snaps onto both strips. I cant find anyone that carries this. So have you heard of this way and where can I find replacements, if they are still available?

Matching 30 Year Old Vinyl Siding

We had a storm come through and did damage to the vinyl siding, it is 30 years old. I am having a lot of trouble trying to match the old siding with new siding. How do I go about finding the best match?

How do I find out who the manufacturer is of my house vinyl siding?

The house was sided 10 years ago and the company went out of business. I need to replace some areas of the house and need th siding to match. Where do I start?

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