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Nice vinyl siding or Hardie board siding, which is better?

I am looking to put new siding on. I live in the mid-west and need something good for adverse conditions and so on. I know that vinyl has certain advantages, like no painting and durability. I am also looking at Hardie plank - which does require painting. Is what better than the other in my climate? What about the cost of vinyl versus hardie?

What Are My Green Home Siding Options

It's time to replace my home siding and I'm thinking green remodeling. What earth-friendly siding options will stand up to the snowy Pennsylvania winters?

Green Remodeling Options for Siding

I want to recycle my aluminum siding and choose a greener option. What are my best bets for a Kansas City climate?

What options are available to install insulation in existing outside walls?

I have zero insulation in my outside walls. Outside is stucco and inside are original tung and groove ceder boards.

Best Vinyl Siding for Extreme Weather

I live in Grand Junction, Colorado so my house faces extreme weather all year. I need to replace the siding soon but I'm not sure about my options. Is there a specific kind of vinyl siding that can handle both very cold weather and very hot weather without problems?

What Kind of Siding Should I Install?

The wooden exterior walls of my older home in Portland, Oregon have deteriorated over time. I want to install new siding, but I am confused by the claims. Is vinyl siding superior to aluminum siding? Is either one truly maintenance-free? Which is more difficult to install?

Opting for "Green" Siding

Saving the environment is my passion and I want my home to reflect a high level of eco-consciousness. I've heard the siding comes in a 'green' option made from sustainable and reduceable materials. Where can I find it and how will I know if the siding is truly green?

Which Vinyl Siding to Buy?

A recent trip to my local home improvement center revealed just how many siding choices there are. For me, more choices increase the stress of buying smartly. What are the characteristics of siding that I should pay most attention to when evaluating several products?

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