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What Type of Decorative Bathroom Tile Should I Use for my Shower Floor?

I'm in the process of remodeling my bathroom and I would like to install a decorative tile design on the shower floor. What type of tile would be best for this type of project? I would like something that is safe, durable, and cost effective.

Bathroom Remodeling Replaces Tub with Shower

We'll have about eight extra inches of horizontal depth when we pull out our standard bathtub and replace it with a custom tile shower. Nothing fancy--the bottom and three sides will be small tiles, the fourth side all glass including the door. Please give a ballpark figure of the cost for this bathroom remodeling.

Which side of sheetrock is a moisture barrier?

I'm remodeling a shower and I'm using a water resistant sheetrock. I don't know which side should touch my tiles. Which side of sheetrock is a moisture barrier - the colorful o regular gray?

Making Better Use of Floor Space in a Bathroom Remodel

It looks as if we could replace our side-by-side washer and dryer with a stacking set, and then in the same space put in a one-piece fiberglass shower beside the new appliances. We have a cement floor. Can the plumbing challenges be overcome?

Adding a Shower in an Oregon Bathroom Remodel

My woodworking hobby shop is in the basement of my Eugene, Oregon home, which has a cement floor. There's a bathroom with toilet and sink down there, but I'd really like to add a shower. What's involved in putting a drain into the floor and getting it out to the city sewer line?

Which is better for sealing a shower surround? Acrylic sealant or silicone based?

I just installed a 3 piece shower in the basement during a renovation project and noticed the contractor had sealed the joints with silicone as recommended. However he did not do a very good looking job and I want to tidy it up as well as seal around the perimeter to the drywall. Local suppliers have told me not to use silicone on acrylic surfaces as it will not hold. They suggest I use mono Ultra which is an water based acrylic latex product.

How to Caulk a Bathroom Shower

The caulking in my bathroom shower is black and starting to come out. What is the best way to re-caulk it, given I live in Seattle's moist climate?

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