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Low Slope Roofing Options

I have a client with a 2/12 pitch roof. The previous homeowner had install arch comp roofing shingles in a 350sq ft area. This area has failed and needs roofing and structural repairs. She doesn't want a roof with differing materials and doesn't like the look of Torch Down. Is there a way to laminate shingles over Torch Down? Is there a value engineered and aesthietic solution to her problem? Thanks!

How much will it cost to replace a shingle roof?

My roof is about 2500 square feet. How much will it cost to replace a shingle roof per square feet? I know there are a lot of factors in this. I just need a cost range. Thanks!

Cost Comparision Between Metal and Shingled Roof

I am looking to replace my old roof. I would like to know what kind of roof is the least expensive? Metal or shingled? Is one better or more ideal for my climate?

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