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I need caulk/sealant to match the morter of my exposed brick.

I have exposed brick and I need to seal the joint between the wood trim of my window and the brick. I am also sealing where the brick meets the baseboards in the interior of my apt. OSI Quad has a "clay" available at home depot which is a perfect match. Not only is the color perfect, but it also has a matte quality and is not so glossy as other products. The problem is that it says "exterior use only" and is harmful if inhaled. If it was not the middle of the winter I guess I could open my windows for 2 weeks, but its 20 degrees outside. Are there other products that can be used that are both clay, not overly glossy and can be used inside.

Cost for Removing Basement Mildew in Norfolk

It's a damp climate here in Norfolk. The basement smells of mildew, even after we open a few windows for ventilation. How do I know it's not the beginning of a serious black mold problem? What would it cost to bring in a professional to dry it out and put in a sealant?

Sealant for Decomposed Granite Path

Decomposed granite is washing away and the tiny pieces get caught under shoes and scratch up our wooden floor. Is there a sealant that can be used to seal? Other options?

Cost to Diagnose and Fix a Leaky Basement

After even a small amount of rain, our basement floor is much too damp. I don't know if it's from runoff or seepage. I checked for condensation, but the problem is not from the walls. What's the best way to check for foundation problems and is it too late to use a sealant now? Is this going to cost a fortune?

Which is better for sealing a shower surround? Acrylic sealant or silicone based?

I just installed a 3 piece shower in the basement during a renovation project and noticed the contractor had sealed the joints with silicone as recommended. However he did not do a very good looking job and I want to tidy it up as well as seal around the perimeter to the drywall. Local suppliers have told me not to use silicone on acrylic surfaces as it will not hold. They suggest I use mono Ultra which is an water based acrylic latex product.