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Adding Molding Around My Windows

I want to add molding around my windows, specifically crown molding in both my bathrooms. Do I need a general contractor for this type of work? Or perhaps a handyman to do the project? I have 4 windows in the living room dining area that I want to frame in crown molding as well.

Home Additions Making Good Use of a Vaulted Ceiling

My living room has a huge vaulted ceiling. It just feels like wasted space and we need another bedroom. How expensive would it be to use the space for a loft? Would it be the same to extend the second floor out into that space? Have you seen successful home additions like these?

What Kind of Roofing to Replace a Shake Roof?

My home in Santa Rosa, California is 25 years old, and the shake roofing has deteriorated badly. I know a shake roof can be a fire hazard, but I like the look of shakes. Are there fire-retardant shakes on the market, and if not, what other roofing material would you recommend?

Framing Walls Leave No Room for Error

I'm in the early stages of finishing off my basement. The framing walls are a bit intimidating, as they form the starting point for the rest of the room. Can you tell me the major sticking points of framing walls, including the areas that most mistakes are made?

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